Manouchehr and Pilar met in 1996 while attending an English Second Language (ESL) class at Lane Community College. They have been together for over 20 years and have a son and daughter that are now grown. In their first year of marriage together they opened a successful restaurant which they ran for 5 years and then decided they wanted to contribute to their community and work and support individuals with mental and physical disabilities.

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They decided to pursue their passion and became certified foster providers for people with mental and physical disabilities. Enjoying the service and support they provided and the contribution to their community, they helped to support and advise their friends and family to get involved and became foster providers as well. The Louie’s, their friends and family now help support several individuals with mental and physical disabilities. After 15 years of being foster providers and realizing the joy, the contribution to other’s life’s and the importance and need for great support for individuals with disabilities, they decided to become Hummingbird Care Home, and transfer to 24 hour Residential Facilities. They currently have 7 group homes, and 1 Supported Living indivisual and support a total of 14 individual’s and plan to continue to help support and grow to give the best support possible to people in need of current supports.

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Now that Hummingbird Care Homes is a reality they continue to offer support in their community, with others in need and continue to give all needed support to others in need. They strive to create a family living environment with the highest quality of love and devotion for all the individuals supported, their staff and all they encounter. Their dedication, encouragement and loyalty to those they support and around them are happy, feel appreciated and are stable and healthy, because of their unwavering support.