WelcomE Home

Providing Group Home care to lane county


"We are the symbol of love, happiness, and endless energy and how to accomplish that which seems impossible. We teach how to find the miracle of joyful living regardless of life circumstances."



Supported Individual’s Testimonials

”I like it Honey, we go on vacation. I like my house, Louie’s come to my house.” -N.W.

”I like having my own room, and I like my roommates.” -J.F.

”Hummingbird is my home. I love my family here.” -M.M.

”Hummingbird is a good place to live I just moved in here and all the staff treat me right, so much better than my other place.” -R.V.
Staff Testimonials

”I like that we are a small company it’s like family in a family setting. Everyone actually cares and makes staff feel appreciated. We support a lot of really great people, I just LOVE it. There are so many opportunities and things that I get to learn and grow.” -K.S.

”The staff and individuals ROCK!” -J.S.

”Hummingbird is just a very great company to work for. All the care and love they give is beyond amazing, GREAT PLACE!” -J.W.

”Hummingbird cares for the individuals and staff. You can tell everyone cares for everyone!”

”There’s no place i’d rather work then Hummingbird with all the beautiful individuals and extraordinary staff. It’s so much more than just a job, were family. HOME AWAY FROM HOME!” -A.B.